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OS/OW Permits 

Are you in need of oversize (OS), overweight (OW), overdimensional, wideload, and superload permits? Do you nees assitance with your fuel and trip permits. Roam Freely Logistics permitting team is fast and very knowledgeable on obtaining those permits for you. If shipping overdimensional freight is part of your job description, then we can help you get the permits required to keep your truck running legal. No one wants trouble with the DOT or DMV, so before you hit the road you need to be certain that your oversize (OS) or overweight (OW) load is legal. Failure to secure the proper permit could result in shipping delays or vehicle impoundment. Trying to figure out what wideload or superload permits are needed, and then getting them can be difficult and time consuming. Many people find themselves needing overdimensional permits for heavy hauling, farm equipment, boats, hay, pipe, steel coils, self-propelled oil rigs, mobile homes, tractors and combine just to name a few. If you are unsure whether you need an oversize (OS) or overweight (OW) permit, Feel Free To call.


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